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If you are an employer looking to offer non-taxable pre-tax benefits to employees, then Section 125 or Cafeteria Plan might be the right option for you!

What is a
Section 125 Plan?

A Section 125 plan, also known as a cafeteria plan, is a valuable employee benefit that allows individuals to convert their taxable benefits, such as their salaries, into nontaxable benefits. This plan enables employees to set aside a portion of their pretax cash earnings to cover the costs of qualified benefits. One common example of a Section 125 plan is a flexible spending account (FSA), which allows employees to allocate pretax dollars from their paychecks for qualifying medical expenses. By setting money aside before taxes are deducted, employees can save up to 30 percent on local, state, and federal taxes. It is important to note that participation in a Section 125 plan is not mandatory. Some employees may choose to forego this option in favor of receiving standard cash wages. However, for many individuals, the ability to reserve money before taxes are taken out is highly advantageous. The Section 125 plan offers employees the flexibility to tailor their benefits to meet their specific needs. By utilizing this plan, individuals can maximize their take-home pay while still enjoying the benefits of valuable, tax-saving options.


  • Employers to save around $500 per employee
  • Employees increase their take-home pay by about 4%-6%
  • NO upfront cost to either party
  • Win-Win for a Healthy Company with Healthy Employees
  • Federal & State ComplianT
  • Help employers recruit, retain, and engage their employees


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